Saturday 16 July 2011


I have just spent the most amazing term at highfield school in England.
Every thing was different, I was a boarder, it was in a different language, they do different sports, this summer we did rounders back in France we were going to go on walks. We also do Athletics,that lead to the traditional sports day.

In the boarding house I had the biggest dorm, there were six of us. All dorms are named after famous people, ours because it was a girls dorm was named after FONTEYN, girls dorms were named after famous women and boys after famous men.

Thursday 13 January 2011

A sledging outing.

Sophie before the accident.
Sophie after the accident.

Sophie at home after the accident.
What was supposed to be a normal sledging outing ended up to be a lot of blood.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

The snow is back!

On the first day of the Christmas holidays we decided to build "a quick igloo".
It was easer said than done...
We didn't have enough snow so we had to start again.
The snow didn't want to stick on the ballon (we sprayed snow on to a giant ballon 1.80 by 1.80)

Friday 27 August 2010

A real Mickey Mouse of a climb

So we all went out to do a big Multi Pitch climb high above Brevent here is a video I made.

On the way back down the cable car we saw someone who is an even worse driver than my Dad

In the evening the Boulton Boys came round for dinner [and because we were all so tired from our epic rock climb] they beat us at Volley Ball. A complete fluke.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Video of the trip.

Here is a link to the video of are trip up to l'Hospice du Grand St Bernard:

Thursday 27 May 2010

Video of the book.

My Dad (Mark the mountain guide) wrote a book (see post on my blog), well here is the link for the book. All you need to do is to copy the link and then paste in the search area.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Up to the St Bernard Hospice and back!

I went up to the St Bernard Hospice with all my family: Sophie, Florence, Mum (who is in fact Jane), Dad (who is in fact Mark the Mountain Guide). It was a brilliant trip!
Here is how it went:
  1. We went by car to the end of the road.
  2. We got ready to skin.(look at the picture above)
  3. We were then skinning, Sophie was to small to skin so Dad pulled her.(look at the picture above)
  4. We where now there. Time to unpack!
  5. Once weed unpacked, we went jumping of the (empty) morgue. 3 meters! Even Sophie!(look at the video below)
  6. Florence rang the noisy bell! (look at the video below)
  7. Time for dinner!
  8. Then Andrea assisted to a prayer and played her recorder.
  9. Yvon a retired monk how was just helping out for a few days (he was the top monk), taught Andrea the St Bernard Hospice song. (look at the video below)
  10. Time for bed!
  11. Breakfast.
  12. A visit round the museum.
  13. A wonderful ski down.(look at the video and the picture below and above)
  14. Lunch at Raymonds.
  15. Back home and time to unpack!
Here are the videos and pictures you should see: