Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Up to the St Bernard Hospice and back!

I went up to the St Bernard Hospice with all my family: Sophie, Florence, Mum (who is in fact Jane), Dad (who is in fact Mark the Mountain Guide). It was a brilliant trip!
Here is how it went:
  1. We went by car to the end of the road.
  2. We got ready to skin.(look at the picture above)
  3. We were then skinning, Sophie was to small to skin so Dad pulled her.(look at the picture above)
  4. We where now there. Time to unpack!
  5. Once weed unpacked, we went jumping of the (empty) morgue. 3 meters! Even Sophie!(look at the video below)
  6. Florence rang the noisy bell! (look at the video below)
  7. Time for dinner!
  8. Then Andrea assisted to a prayer and played her recorder.
  9. Yvon a retired monk how was just helping out for a few days (he was the top monk), taught Andrea the St Bernard Hospice song. (look at the video below)
  10. Time for bed!
  11. Breakfast.
  12. A visit round the museum.
  13. A wonderful ski down.(look at the video and the picture below and above)
  14. Lunch at Raymonds.
  15. Back home and time to unpack!
Here are the videos and pictures you should see:

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Andrea said...

Sounds very interesting.